1. Dead Hand Projekt
    Denver, Colorado
  2. Dead Turns Alive
    Dubai, UAE
  3. Last Influence Of Brain
  4. Necrotek
    Denver, Colorado
  5. Neon Cage Experiment
  6. November Process
    Denver, Colorado
  7. Organic Cage
  8. Statik SKy
  9. To Mega Therion
  10. W.A.S.T.E.
    San Diego, California
  11. Mono-Amine
    The Hague, Netherlands


Vendetta Music Denver, Colorado

Vendetta Music (the label) first emerged in 2007 and is only in its infancy as far as American and European dark music labels are concerned. Since 2007 Vendetta Music has already signed more than 20 artists with multiple releases, and is quickly emerging as a formidable and diverse dark electronic music label... ... more

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